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Spark Staff

2013-14 Staff

  • Pastor—Dan Hawn
  • Coordinators—John Gilliland and Laurel Klitgaard
  • Curriculum Plans—Grace Curren and Laurel Klitgaard
  • 2s and 3s—Bethany Hester and Nora Bryant
  • Pre-Kindergarten—Sandy Walker and April French
  • Kindergarten—Tabi Ahrenholtz and Amie Nelson
  • 1st Grade—Michelle Berndt and Natalie Willer
  • 2nd Grade—Amber Schmitz and Kim Euchner
  • 3rd Grade—Sally Hawn and Robyn Schow
  • 4th Grade—Joel and Karla Berndt
  • 5th Grade—Lynee Metzger and John Gilliland
  • 6th Grade Girls—Megan Sorensen and Julie DuVal
  • 6th Grade Boys—Pastor Dan Hawn*
  • 2s-K Music—Misty Swensen*
  • 2s-K Bible Story—Dixie Nelson*
  • 1st-5th Grade Music—June Schleimer
  • 1st-5th Grade Bible Story—Grace Curren and Lori Weisenborn
  • Recreation—Terry and Connie Arentson
  • Mission Crafts—Cheri Eckhoff, Dorene Smith
  • Greeters / Birthdays / Discipline—Rich Freml and David Curren
  • Store/Verse/Points—Heather Knudson and Bryan Ferguson 
  • Nursery—Terri Soll and Karla Hundt
  • Floater - Amanda Waldron

*2nd teacher not yet confirmed

The children's ministry staff at First Baptist all undergo a background check. In addition, First Baptist has a "two adult policy" whenever andwherever children are present. Details are available in the office.