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Pastor's Blog: Connecting With God – Part 2

posted Oct 1, 2013, 1:51 PM by Matt Schmitz

Last week, I shared with you that there are 7 major “pathways” to God – i.e., means by which believers connect with God and refresh themselves spiritually.


Most believers are inclined toward 1 or 2 of the 7, depending upon how God has “wired” them. Obviously, whatever your preferred pathway, engage in it on a regular basis, but don’t neglect the other pathways.


I already described 3 of the 7 pathways. Here are the remaining 4:


Pathway #4: Worship


§  You have a deep love of corporate worship. While others are checking their watches, you wish the service would continue.

§  During difficult times, worship is one of the most healing activities you engage in.

§  In worship, your heart opens up and you come alive.


§  Biblical example: King David


§  To strengthen:  Experience great worship on a regular basis. Learn about other worship styles/traditions and incorporate what you learn into your personal worship time.


§  Cautions: Be careful not to judge those who aren’t as expressive in worship. Guard against an experience-based spiritually that always has you looking for the next worship “high.”


Pathway #5: Activist


§  You have a single-minded zeal and a very strong sense of vision.

§  You have a passion to build the church and to work for justice.

§  You do everything you can to bring out the potential God has placed in other people.

§  You love a fast-paced, problem-filled, complex, strenuous way of life.


§  Biblical example: Nehemiah


§  To strengthen: Immerse yourself in tasks that demand the best you have to offer. Find a team of people you can invest in and work with to accomplish big goals.


§  Caution: You may run over people or use them. Guard against going too long without pausing to reflect on what you’re doing. You can end up not knowing your own motives, spiritual condition, or emotional state.


Pathway #6: Contemplative


§  You love uninterrupted time alone.

§  Reflection comes naturally to you.

§  You have a large capacity for prayer.

§  If you spend a lot of time with people, you feel drained and yearn for times of solitude.


§  Biblical example: Mary (Martha’s sister)


§  To strengthen: Observe regular, protected, intense times of solitude and stillness. Act on what you hear from God in the silence.


§  Caution: Resist the temptation to consider your times of private prayer and solitude as less important than the more public acts of ministry performed by others.


Pathway #7: Creation


§  You respond deeply to God through your experience of nature.

§  Being outdoors replenishes you.

§  You tend to be creative.


§  Biblical example: Jesus


§  To strengthen: Spend time outdoors. Find a location for getaways. Make beauty a part of your spiritual life.


§  Caution: Guard against the temptation to avoid church because you think to yourself, “I can worship God in nature, on my own.”



Pastor Dan


Source: An Ordinary Day with Jesus by John Ortberg & Ruth Haley Barton