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Pastor's Blog: Is Gay Marriage a Civil Right?

posted Jun 1, 2012, 10:41 AM by Matt Schmitz

Those in favor of gay marriage are increasingly making the argument that gay marriage is a civil right. Clearly, this argument resonates with a lot of people.


It seems reasonable, first, to define the term civil right. According to the New World Encyclopedia, civil rights are the protections and privileges of personal power and rights given to all citizens by law.


It’s important to distinguish civil rights from human or natural rights, also sometimes called our God-given rights. Civil rights are rights that are bestowed by nations on those within their territorial boundaries, while natural or human rights are rights that individuals have by nature of being born.


I think most would agree that gay marriage is not a natural or God-given right. Indeed, without becoming too graphic, homosexual intercourse is unnatural (inherently harmful) to the human body and is strongly condemned in the Bible.


Okay, what about gay marriage as a CIVIL right? The argument is not whether gay marriage IS a civil right (it currently isn’t, in most states), but whether it SHOULD BE. President Obama and others say “yes, it should be.”


The question is, why? Will gay marriage be good for our country? For individuals and families?


Is it smart for a society to affirm something that the Bible expressly condemns? And even if the Bible means nothing to you, shouldn’t we be careful about overturning 5,000 years of human history, given that marriage has ALWAYS (by every society) been defined as between a man and a woman?


I fully expect that gay marriage will soon become “the law of the land.” It will eventually get to the Supreme Court and 5 justices will declare it a civil right, just as they declared abortion a civil right 40 years ago.


Once marriage is re-defined to include homosexuals, what then? On what basis do you then deny a person the right to marry SEVERAL people, or the right to marry a DOG for that matter? I mean, I feel sorry for those who really love their dogs and can’t marry them.


I’d encourage you to read Romans 1. After doing so, it’s then fair to ask: Why does Paul focus on homosexuality? Why pick on that behavior?


It’s because homosexual behavior – and the acceptance of it -- is a striking demonstration of how far a culture or society has fallen and the degree to which it holds God in contempt.


And what is God’s response? He allows the society to suffer the inevitable consequences of their perversion.



Pastor Dan