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A Great Start

posted Feb 6, 2015, 11:34 AM by First Baptist


Last Saturday, as the snow was starting to fall, we had our first diaconate (leadership team) meeting of 2015. We met at Dave & Nancy Boettger’s home for the entire morning and then had lunch together.


Unlike some churches, First Baptist does not have a leader, but practices the biblical model of having a plurality of leaders to lead the church.


We had a wonderful time together. Our new moderator, Pete Sorensen, started the meeting with a devotional on leadership from the book of Nehemiah. He also reminded us how Jesus led, described so beautifully in Philippians 2.


The Leadership Opportunity


One of the things we’re going to do this year is go through a study together called “The Leadership Opportunity.” This is a DVD-based curriculum designed specifically for church leadership teams and intended to help us build a Culture of Peace in both our church and families.


In the first session, we discovered the “sparks” that typically trigger destructive conflict and how leaders can either make things better or worse by our response.


Leadership Values


Pete then led us in a discussion of our leadership values & expectations. This is a list of 15 statements that more or less govern how we relate to each other as leaders. The statements range from the simple (“leaders notify the church office when unable to attend a meeting”) to the more substantive (“in humility, leaders consider a majority vote of the board to be a strong indication of God’s will”).


Strategic Planning


Our third major topic was strategic planning. Strategic planning is defined as “the process of determining an organization’s long-term goals and then identifying the best approach for achieving those goals.”


We determined we haven’t done any real strategic planning since 2011 and thus we’re probably “past due” in planning for the future and making sure our vision comports with God’s. To help us in this process, we’re planning to use a strategic planning tool known as “StratOp,” developed specifically for churches and other non-profit organizations.


Please remember to pray for the diaconate. They have an important responsibility.


Pastor Dan