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Applying Sunblock

posted Jul 23, 2013, 12:19 PM by First Baptist

I made it. Whew.

That was tough.


RAGBRAI was a great experience. Yesterday, I rode the Harlan to Perry leg, which was 83 miles. The first 40 went fine (to Guthrie Center), but the last 40 were pretty difficult, especially in 90 degree heat.


I rode the second half with Mark Stevenson. He’s an accomplished biker and barely broke a sweat. (How irritating is that?)


Long-distance biking affords plenty of opportunity to (a) admire the beautiful Iowa countryside and (b) think about things.


I thought a lot about God and my life with Him. While resting in Guthrie Center, I noticed that I had evidently missed some spots when applying sunblock and those spots were now burned. Ouch!


I obviously should have been more careful when applying the sunblock, realizing that any exposed flesh would be vulnerable to the sun’s rays.


Once back on the road, I related this to Ephesians 6.


Starting in verse 10, the Apostle Paul writes about our vulnerability to “the powers of this dark world.” He says we “struggle” against them. The word translated “struggle” literally means “to engage in hand-to-hand combat.”


The powers of this dark world are very strong (like the sun’s rays). Fortunately, God provides for our protection (similar to SPF 50 sunblock).


Here is the protection God provides:







The Word of God


However, just as my sunblock needed to be applied to ALL exposed flesh, so too must we “put on” (verse 11) the protection God provides.


This means that we can’t be passive in our spiritual lives and just assume we’re protected as we go out into the world. Instead, we need to be active & disciplined in pursuing godliness.


Are you passive or active in your spiritual life? What does an “active” spiritual life involve and look like? If you’d ever like to meet & talk about how to grow spiritually, be sure to give me a call.


With appreciation,


Pastor Dan