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A Walk through the Death Camps

posted Aug 5, 2015, 12:46 PM by First Baptist


At the end of World War II, Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, did something amazing:


Eisenhower required the German citizens who lived near the Nazi death camps to walk through the camps and see with their own eyes the evil that had taken place right under their noses.


Eisenhower didn’t think the townspeople were unaware of what was taking place, but rather were in denial and, in many cases, benefiting economically from the camps. The walk through the camp was intended to help them come to terms with their own complicity in the atrocities that occurred.


Similarly, the recently-released Planned Parenthood videos provide a moment of moral clarity for America. In a sense, we’ve been forced to “walk though the death camps” that are being operated by Planned Parenthood.*


For years, we Americans have been living in denial about what exactly goes on in the abortion clinics. Now we know! Precious babies are being crushed & dismembered inside their mother’s womb, but done in such a way as to preserve certain organs so they can be sold to those who traffic in human body parts.


According to news reports, Planned Parenthood receives half a billion dollars a year from federal, state and local governments. Thus, the American people are complicit in the barbarism that is taking place.


Yesterday, the US Senate denied a proposal to defund Planned Parenthood and re-direct the money to other women’s health organizations. The measure to defund failed by a vote of 53 to 46. (They needed 60 votes to break a Democrat filibuster.)


This means it will be business as usual for the abortion industry unless the American people demand something different after our walk through the death camps.


Please join me in praying for a moral awakening in America.


Pastor Dan


*Adapted from an article by Dr. Albert Mohler