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First Baptist Welcomes Abraham Somba

posted Oct 6, 2015, 10:31 AM by First Baptist


This Sunday, it is our privilege to welcome Abraham Somba to our church.


Mr. Somba is an evangelist & church planter in Malawi, Africa. James Nelson has been supporting him financially since 2007 and finally gets to meet him.


It will be exciting for us to learn what God is doing on the continent of Africa. Here is some information about Africa from the latest edition of Operation World:


About Africa


§  Represents 20% of the world’s surface area.

§  57 countries altogether

§  Population just over 1 billion (15% of the world’s population)

§  Its population growth rate is 2.3% (double the rest of the world)

§  There are nearly 2,500 ethnic groups

§  Life expectancy is 55 years

§  Literacy is 61%

§  80% of the farmland is severely degraded

§  Income/person is $1,600 (3% of USA)

§  The continent is 49% Christian & 41% Muslim

§  The growth of Christianity has been spectacular – from 7 million Christians in 1900 to over 500 million today


About Malawi


§  Population is 15 million

§  Characterized by severe poverty; income/person is $313 (1% of USA)

§  Led by a ruthless dictator from 1964-1994; since then, the country has been moving toward democracy

§  Life expectancy is 52 years

§  The country is 76% Christian & 17% Muslim (Islam is growing a bit faster than Christianity)

§  AIDS is widespread (over 1 million infected with HIV)

§  The country’s greatest spiritual need (per Operation World) is for the training of pastors


Mr. Somba will be preaching in both services on Sunday.


Pastor Dan