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Has God Given America Over?

posted Mar 1, 2016, 10:04 AM by First Baptist

I try really hard to be calm & reasonable; to avoid over-reacting to the hysteria that can surround such concerns as ISIS, the Zika virus, or climate change.


For example, a church member recently sent me a link to a video and asked me to comment on its apocalyptic (end of the world) message. I responded that, while I don’t know God’s timetable for the last days, the video isn’t credible. Among other things, the producer released the video under a fictitious name. What does that tell you?


I’ll continue to be critical of those who insist on linking current events with specific biblical prophecy, especially when they claim to possess secret knowledge or insight. That scam has been going on for hundreds of years.


That being said, I find myself pondering the statement in Romans 1: “God gave them over.”


It says this three times – God gave them over. The them is godless & wicked men.


If you’ll follow the sequence in Romans 1, the godlessness & wickedness seems to have its origin in idolatry (the refusal to worship the one true God). The idolatry then appears to lead to rampant sexual perversion, especially homosexuality. Sexual perversion then culminates in every form of depravity that people either practice themselves or at least approve of.


My question is this: I wonder if God has given America over? In other words, I wonder if God has removed His hand of protection from us and is allowing us to bear the full weight of our sins.


It just seems to me that things have gone poorly for America since at least 9/11. Arguably, we’ve lost two wars since then (or at least haven’t won them). Economic growth has been anemic. We’ve piled up massive debt for future generations. Almost half of Americans don’t pay any income taxes. Race relations are horrible. Law & order is breaking down. Sexual perversion is widely accepted & celebrated. The largest practitioner of abortion is taxpayer-funded and sells baby parts.


While this has been going on, our enemies’ abroad have gotten stronger and now show open contempt for the country that, 50 years ago, saved the world from Nazism and Fascism.


Rather than repenting, what are we doing? Apparently putting our hopes in a reality TV star, who several weeks ago, stood on a stage in front of thousands and mocked a disabled person. Some tough guy! Of course, the crowd roared with approval.


While my heart aches for America, I continue to trust God. He has a plan. History continues to move toward the fulfillment of that plan. And most important of all . . . the plan culminates in the 2nd coming of Christ.


America may not “win” anymore (there’s no guarantee of that), but Christ does – and will!!!


Pastor Dan