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How Would Jesus Vote?

posted Nov 4, 2011, 1:59 PM by Matt Schmitz
Given my interest in politics & public policy, I was intrigued when I came across this title while browsing in a bookstore. 

Unfortunately, after reading the book, I’m skeptical that we can know with certainty how Jesus would vote or “come down” on most of the public policy issues we are wrestling with as a nation. And I certainly don’t want to give unbelievers (or believers for that matter) the impression that to be a “good” Christian, one must belong to a particular political party or think a certain way on certain issues. 

On the other hand, Christians have a lot to contribute to politics and political discussion. You see, we bring something to the table that nobody else can or does; that being, we bring minds that are biblically-informed (or shaped by the teaching of the Bible).

The key question, it seems to me, is NOT “how would Jesus vote?” but rather, “how does the Bible inform us or shape our thinking on this-or-that issue?” 

It is in this spirit that we begin a new sermon series. The series is entitled “Current Issues.” Each week, we’ll take a different current issue and seek to understand how the Bible shapes our thinking on that issue.

Here is the schedule (subject to change):

   Nov 6      The Bible and Abortion
   Nov 13    The Bible and the Role of Government
   Nov 20    The Bible and the Economy
   Nov 27    The Bible and the Poor
   Dec 4      The Bible and Homosexuality*

   Jan 1       The Bible and Immigration
   Jan 8       The Bible and the Environment
   Jan 15     The Bible and the Rise of Islam 

The reason for starting with the abortion issue is because this issue is so foundational to our public policy. In addition, of all the issues, this is the one that we as Christians should be able to address with absolute clarity.

With appreciation,

Pastor Dan

*Plans are to have alternate programming for elementary-aged children.