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Leading & Following

posted Aug 27, 2013, 10:22 AM by First Baptist

One of the opportunities I have each year around this time is to meet with the committee that will be selecting our leaders for the next 12 months.


The first thing I always do is remind the committee of the importance of their task. A church body will seldom rise above the spiritual maturity of its leadership.


After that, I lead them in a review of the biblical qualifications for spiritual leadership in the local church. These qualifications include:


  1. The prospective leader must be “above reproach” in terms of his/her character.
  2. The prospective leader must manage his/her household well.
  3. The prospective leader must be an example to the church of a person who is passionately pursuing Christ.
  4. The prospective leader must be rooted in the core doctrines of the faith.
  5. The prospective leader must demonstrate a humble spirit.


In my 3 years at First Baptist, we have been blessed to have leaders who possess these qualities. Having such leaders doesn’t make leading the church easy, but it sure makes the journey together more satisfying.


In our emphasis on having good leaders, we sometimes neglect the importance of a church comprised of good followers.


  1. Good followers go to the responsible party when they have a question, suggestion, complaint or criticism.
  2. Good followers respect their leaders and speak well of them – both in private and public.
  3. Good followers assume their leaders are acting with good intentions.
  4. Good followers remember that their leaders typically have a broader perspective and bear more responsibility than they do.
  5. Good followers make a distinction between “having their say” and “having their way.”
  6. Good followers submit to their leaders unless doing so would violate their conscience or a command of God.


Just about every Church expert agrees that church life is more complicated today. This makes the leadership task even more difficult & challenging. Please pray for the Nominating Committee as they go about their task. Let’s also pray that we will be good followers of those whom God places in leadership over us.


Pastor Dan