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Limited Government

posted Nov 9, 2015, 10:32 AM by First Baptist


God is neither Republican nor Democrat, but He does favor limited government.


Now, before I get in too much trouble with that statement, let me clarify: God favors limited government IN THE SENSE THAT the government must not infringe upon & dominate the other institutions He has ordained, particularly the institution of the family. In other words, the government needs to “stay in its lane” and observe certain boundaries.


A striking example of a government NOT staying in its lane is the Chinese government’s infamous “one child rule” that, last week, was expanded to two children per married couple.


According to one commentator, the one (and now two) child rule is “one of the most draconian and one of the most evil policies ever undertaken by any government on earth at any time.”


The one child rule has been in effect for about 40 years and was put in place to slow down China’s exploding population growth back in the 1960’s & 70’s. The Chinese Communist Party now wants to spur growth because the Chinese population has been aging so fast – putting the economy at risk. It’s simple: There aren’t enough workers to keep the economy going. Communist leaders are actually fearful of a popular uprising.


The one person rule has had other devastating consequences, besides a rapidly aging population. The policy has resulted in:


1)      Millions upon millions of voluntary abortions.

2)      The widespread practice of forced abortion, forced sterilization and forced infanticide (i.e., killing the baby after its birth).

3)      A large gender imbalance with many more young men than women. An estimated 30 million men will never have a wife. (The reason for the imbalance is that with family size limited to one child, most families opted for a boy.)

4)      The vast majority of young people in the country have no brothers or sisters.

5)      Millions of parents have lost their one child to death and are now too old to have another child.


Family size is a family decision, not a government decision. The government’s role is to promote righteousness, not undermine it. As I evaluate candidates for office in our country, I’m interested in their understanding of government’s role and its limits. Does it have limits?


In recent years, not even the Constitution appears to limit government power. The President has refused to enforce immigration policy that he doesn’t like; the Supreme Court last summer ignored the clear wording of the statute in upholding Obamacare; the military in now being sent into Syria without Congressional authorization. To me, all of this is setting a dangerous precedent for the future.


Pastor Dan