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Logic on Fire

posted May 10, 2016, 10:13 AM by First Baptist


I’m currently reading a biography of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981).


Lloyd-Jones was a prominent London doctor, who quit medicine to become a preacher. He served 10 years at a little church in Wales (in a town the size of Harlan), followed by 29 years as the pastor of the then-famous Westminster Chapel in London.


Known as “the Doctor,” Lloyd-Jones was a humble, unassuming man who specialized in expository (verse-by-verse) preaching. His series on Ephesians (a mere 6 chapters) included 264 sermons!


At a time when the importance of preaching was being called into question, Lloyd-Jones normally preached about 50 minutes and his sermons contained no stories or illustrations. Even so, they were captivating and it wasn’t unusual for the church auditorium to be filled an hour ahead of time. People described his preaching as “logic on fire.”


Lloyd-Jones was a fierce critic & opponent of Theological Liberalism. Broadly speaking, this was a movement that grew out of the Enlightenment and served to undermine the inspiration, inerrancy, sufficiency and authority of Scripture. Believe it or not, most preachers of his day had stopped preaching the Bible! (I’m being sarcastic here.)


Lloyd-Jones wasn’t able to stop Britain’s slide into liberalism and then secularism. Today, only 6% of the English population attends church. Nevertheless, in faithfully proclaiming God’s Word, Lloyd-Jones provided necessary spiritual nourishment for the remnant who hungered to hear from God.


I’ve long maintained that one of the main evidences that is person is truly born again is an eagerness to hear from God. May God stir up that eagerness in every one of us!


Pastor Dan