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Looking into the Future

posted Apr 7, 2015, 10:41 AM by First Baptist

There’s a fascinating article on the American Conservative website by Rod Dreher entitled “The Post-Indiana Future for Christians.” I highly recommend that you read it.


Mr. Dreher interviews a law professor at one of the country’s elite law schools. This professor is a devout Christian, but “deeply closeted in the workplace.” This means that the professor keeps his faith under wraps for fear of losing his job.


The interview is extremely wide-ranging from a legal and cultural standpoint and the professor makes a number of predictions about what Christians might expect in the years ahead.


The professor suggests that what happened to Brendan Eich is “going to start happening to a lot of people and Christians had better be ready for it.” Eich was the CEO of the tech company Mozilla, who was forced to resign late last year for having made a personal donation several years ago to a pro-traditional marriage organization.


In other industries, the professor says, Christians won’t even be hired. He says this is already the case in academia; applicants who are open about their Christianity are immediately rejected.


The bottom line is that Christians will need to be very careful about what they say and how they present themselves in public. We will need to answer the question: What is the line between prudently closing our mouths and closeting ourselves, and compromising our faith?


In the end, the professor says, the church in America is likely to shrink. Quoting from the article:


“Cultural pressure is going to radically reduce orthodox Christian numbers in the years to come. The meaning of what it means to be a faithful Christian is going to come under intense fire,… It’s not going to be persecution like the older Romans, or even Communist Russia. But what’s coming is going to cause a lot of people to fall away from the faith,…”


For those who don’t fall away, the professor says it is vital to find a strong church where people know what they believe and why. Moreover, the members of the church must be engaged in each others’ lives so as to provide the necessary support and encouragement.


I hope & pray First Baptist will continue to be such a church. A church that knows what it believes & why. A church that challenges & encourages one another to stand firm in the faith.


Pastor Dan