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Praying for You in 2014

posted Jan 7, 2014, 10:45 AM by First Baptist

My job as your pastor can be summarized in four words: preach, pray, love and stay.


The first three words are pretty obvious; the fourth (“stay”) has to do with persevering with a congregation through the inevitable ups & downs of church life. The average pastoral tenure in Protestant churches today is less than four years. I’ll be hitting the four year milestone this spring.


Regarding prayer, I certainly pray every day for the FBC congregation, and many of you personally, but I intend to intensify my praying for you in 2014 by adding the following:


§  Each Monday, June (our office manager) will send a letter to a member family or individual. She will select the family or individual at random, so Jim & Judy Zea won’t necessarily be last. This letter will let the family or individual know that I’ll be praying for them specifically the following week. The letter will also remind them how I’ll be praying (see below).


§  The letter will also invite the family or person to share with me specific prayer requests. Since the letter is sent a week in advance, there will be plenty of time to respond back either by mail, email, or you can even hand me something on Sunday.


§  I will also include a specific prayer request for myself or Sally.


Any personal prayer requests I receive from you will be kept confidential.


How I’ll Be Praying


The New Testament tells me what to pray for.


Ephesians 3:     That Christ will dwell in your heart through faith

Philippians 1:    That your love for Christ & people will abound

Colossians 1:    That God will fill you with the knowledge of His will

                        That you will live a life worthy of the Lord

                        That you will bear fruit in your work & ministry

                        That you will be strengthened with spiritual power

                        That you will joyfully give thanks in all circumstances

                        That you will live your life with great endurance & patience


As you can see, I’ll be praying for spiritual blessings in your life, not just physical.


It is a privilege to serve as your pastor!



Pastor Dan