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Reformation Day

posted Oct 31, 2017, 10:23 AM by First Baptist

I read a report that Halloween is now the 2nd biggest U.S. holiday in terms of retail spending, eclipsing every other holiday except Christmas.


I’ve never been a big Halloween guy, but even less so this year. That’s because today (October 31, 2017) is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.


The Reformation began when Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk, parish priest & college professor, nailed his complaints (or protest) concerning the Roman Catholic Church to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany. His intent was merely to encourage a dialogue with and among the townspeople, but his protest caught fire and spread far & wide.


Even secular historians consider the Protestant Reformation to be among the ten most important events in all of human history.


We live in an era when protesting is common, although our protests are often token and over fairly trivial matters. For example, I’m currently protesting the NFL because of THEIR protests.


Perhaps we should take a few moments to remind ourselves what Luther and the other reformers were protesting 500 years ago. Their protest was best captured in the five “solas” that came out of the Reformation:*


Sola Scriptura: We protest against any authority that sets itself up as higher than the word of God revealed in the Bible.


Sola Fide: We protest against the idea that there is any instrument or means apart from faith by which we are declared righteous before God.


Sola Gratia: We protest against the idea that our own good works are the meritorious basis for God bestowing His favor upon us.


Sola Christus: We protest against any other “god” who sets itself up as a more sufficient redeemer/savior than the Lord Jesus Christ.


Soli Deo Gloria: We protest against any idea that prevents God from receiving all glory for our salvation or for any other thing.


Protesting these five things won’t get any news coverage, either in print or on television. But, regardless of whatever else we might protest, we cannot fail to protest these five things lest we lose the heart and soul of the Christian faith.


Happy Reformation Day!



Pastor Dan


*From the website Canon Fodder