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Responding to Adversity

posted May 14, 2013, 10:40 AM by First Baptist

Once upon a time, a teenage daughter complained to her father about how difficult life was. She said: “As soon as I solve one problem, another takes its place. I’m tired of struggling.”


Her father, who was a chef, took her to the kitchen, filled 3 pots with water and placed them on the stove. When the pots came to a boil, in one, he put sliced carrots, in another, an egg, and in the last, cocoa mix. After awhile, he turned off the burners and poured the contents of the 3 pots into 3 bowls.


Finally, he turned to his (impatient) daughter and asked, “Tell me what you see.” She rolled her eyes and said, “Obviously, I see carrots, an egg, and hot chocolate.”


He then asked her to touch the carrots – they were soft & mushy. Next, he asked her to crack the egg – it was hard inside. Last, he asked her to taste the hot chocolate – it was delicious.


“What’s the point, Dad?”


He explained that each item faced the same adversity (boiling water), but reacted differently. The carrots fell apart; the egg became hard inside; while the cocoa MIXED WITH THE WATER AND BECAME SOMETHING REALLY GOOD!


With that, he reminded his daughter that Jesus said we would have many troubles in this life. We have no choice about that. What we can choose is how we react. We can be like carrots and fall apart; we can be like an egg and become hard-hearted; or, we can be like cocoa mix and make the best of it.


How do you respond to adversity? How are you responding to adversity right now?


When dealing with adversity, God promises to be with us, and to use the situation for our good (Romans 8:28). That’s a powerful promise.


Pastor Dan