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Signs Your Christianity is Too Comfortable

posted Oct 24, 2017, 10:15 AM by First Baptist


It’s possible, especially in small town America, to find ourselves living pretty comfortably as Christians. As long as we’re not too obnoxious or pushy, people accept us. Moreover, many of the commands of Scripture, when practiced, lead to a successful & happy life.


But, is it possible for us to become too comfortable? Here are some indicators that your Christianity has become a bit too warm & cozy:


1.      You’re “all-in” with one or the other political parties.


If you don’t feel any tension between the teaching of Jesus and the positions of whichever political party you ascribe to, your Christianity has probably gotten too comfortable.


2.      There are no theological issues, paradoxes, tensions or unresolved questions that continue to boggle your mind.


The Bible is full of divine revelation that is mind-boggling and beyond our capacity to grasp completely. If such things hardly ever cross your mind, your Christianity has probably gotten too comfortable.


3.      The people you work with would be surprised to learn you’re a church-going Christian.


Ouch! Nothing more needs to be said here.


4.      You never think about or even remember the Sunday sermon on Monday.


If the Sunday sermon is quickly forgotten, either the preacher is doing a pathetic job, or you’re disengaged and going through the motions. (If it’s the former, be sure to let me know!)


5.      You never feel challenged, only affirmed.


If your Christian faith, and especially what you hear on Sunday morning, never confronts your idols and challenges your sinful habits – but only affirms you as you are – this is a sure sign of a too-comfortable faith.


6.      You’re never had a “truth-in-love” conversation with a fellow Christian.


Persons with a too-comfortable faith prefer to “live and let live.” It’s just easier to shrug when they see fellow believers making bad choices.


7.      No one at your church ever annoys you.


If you go to church with people who are always easy to talk to, always pleasant to be around, and always closely aligned with your opinions, tastes, and preferences, your Christianity is too comfortable.


8.      No one at your church could comment on any area of growth they’ve seen in you.


Though not always linear, the Christian life should be marked by growth and change for the better. If such change isn’t noticeable, by those who know you well, your Christianity has probably gotten too comfortable.


CS Lewis once said:


“I didn’t go into Christianity to make me comfortable and happy. I always knew a bottle of good wine would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend following Jesus.”




Pastor Dan


Adapted from an article by Brett McCracken