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Spiritual Dryness

posted Jul 9, 2014, 10:53 AM by First Baptist


For the next 2 weeks, I want to address the subject of spiritual dryness.


We understand dryness. Yesterday, while biking, I ran out of water and started to get concerned because (a) it was really hot (88 degrees and humid) and (b) it was 7 miles to the nearest town. Without adequate water, bike riding becomes difficult, if not dangerous.


And who can forget our concern the past 2 summers about the near-drought conditions in Iowa. In some cases, the corn & soybean crops looked truly awful.


But now, what about SPIRITUAL dryness?


In John 7, Jesus said: “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”


This seems to suggest that, as believers in Christ, we will never experience spiritual dryness; that “steams of water” will always flow within & through us. But the fact is we DO experience times (or seasons) of spiritual dryness.


Why? Because none of us maintains vital connection with God ceaselessly or perfectly. DL Moody, the famous evangelist, said “because I leak” in response to a question about why he puts so much emphasis on being filled with the Holy Spirit. That’s right – we leak.


Here are 8 signs of spiritual dryness:*


1.      We feel empty or weary.

2.      We serve out of duty.

3.      Our faith is no longer contagious; we have lost our joy.

4.      God feels distant.

5.      We’re in a rut; our devotional life has either been reduced to a rote exercise, is occasional, or has ceased to exist at all.

6.      A sudden trial or trauma has thrown us off-kilter.

7.      We have given way to negative thinking.

8.      There is sin in our life that we are indifferent to.


As you think through this list, here are some questions to consider:


§  Do I have any of the above signs in my life at present? If so, to what degree? How long have I felt this way?

§  What is God’s response to my spiritual dryness?

§  What can I do this week to reconnect with God?


Next, week I’ll suggest some ways to combat spiritual dryness.



Pastor Dan


*List adapted from Helen Calder.