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Thanking God for Tim Martz

posted Mar 14, 2013, 12:37 PM by First Baptist

Our son Kyle is on leave from the Air Force and we’re excited to have him at home for a few days. On Saturday, we’re going to St. Paul, so he can see my side of the family before he heads back to his base in Cheyenne.


While we’re proud of Kyle for his military service, I actually want to write to you about a man named Tim Martz, who has been a big influence in Kyle’s life.


You see, as an inner city church in Wichita, we didn’t have a big youth group. So, what we did was divide the few kids we had into small groups of 4-6 high school students, plus a leader.


Tim Martz led the group that Kyle was in, along with 3 other boys. He had them over to his house every Sunday night throughout their high school years. His wife Cathy cooked a simple meal and then they usually played a game or did something crazy. After that, it was Bible study and prayer time.


Again, this was EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT for 3-plus years. Even to this day, Tim stays in contact with Kyle and prays for him nearly every day. He even made a trip to Cheyenne last year to see how he was doing.


What a quiet, but powerful ministry!


What made this ministry so powerful? One word: RELATIONSHIP. First, was Tim’s own relationship with Christ. It was (and is) profoundly deep.  Second, was his relationship with Kyle. The months of consistent time together created quite a bond between them.


I will always be grateful to Tim. He’s also been an example for me on how discipleship is supposed to happen in the church.


Two questions: (1) Who’s been YOUR “Tim Martz”? Whoever it’s been, be sure to thank God for him/her. (2) Who are you being “Tim Martz” to? In other words, who are you investing YOUR life in? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a high school kid. Maybe it’s a neighbor, a colleague, a relative.


If it’s no one at the present time, ask God to bring someone to mind that you might start investing in. That is a prayer He will be sure to answer.


With appreciation,


Pastor Dan