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The Benedict Option – Part 3

posted May 9, 2017, 11:27 AM by First Baptist


I was asked this past week if I agree with everything in this book.


While I don’t agree with every detail or recommendation, I do agree with the author’s basic premise; namely, that the Church in America is in trouble and some big changes need to be made.


The author is intentionally provocative, especially in the chapter on education. He writes:


“The insidious forces of secular liberalism are steadily robbing us and future generations of our religious beliefs, moral values, and cultural memory, and making us pawns of forces beyond our control. This is why we have to focus tightly and without hesitation on education.”


Unfortunately, according to the author, the educational system on which we depend is deeply flawed and outright dangerous for the young Christian. His analysis goes much deeper than what we typically hear or read.


Here are his key recommendations:


1.      Double-down on teaching children the Bible.


Professors at Christian colleges are shocked at how poorly the typical freshman (at a Christian college!) understands the Bible.


2.      Immerse the young in Christian & Western history.


The deeper our roots in the past, the more secure our anchor against the swift currents of modernity.


3.      Pull your children out of public schools.


The author calls the public school system a “toxic environment.” Get your kids out of there!


4.      Give your children a classical Christian education.


A classical Christian education is one that orders everything around the Logos, Jesus Christ, and the quest to know Him with one’s heart, soul, and mind.


5.      Don’t send your kids to public university.


As many as 90% will – for all intents & purposes – forsake the Christian faith by the time they graduate.


Next week: sex & technology.



Pastor Dan