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The Bible & Homosexuality – Part 1

posted May 26, 2015, 1:17 PM by First Baptist


In a few months, the U.S. Supreme Court will likely conclude that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. (Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has already presided at a same-sex wedding, so we know how she’s going to vote.)


John Inazu, who writes for Christianity Today, summarizes the effect as follows:


“This will mean increased liberty for gays and lesbians who wish to marry; it will also lead to increased pressures on religious organizations and individuals who believe that marriage is fundamentally between a man and a woman.”


Unfortunately, many churches and Christians will respond to the pressure by affirming same-sex relationships. This reminds me of what Paul wrote in Romans 1:


“Although they know God’s righteous decree…, they not only continue to do these very things BUT ALSO APPROVE OF THOSE WHO PRACTICE THEM” (Romans 1:32).


My primary responsibility, as your pastor, is to preach & proclaim God’s Word to you – in the hope that we will be faithful to it, no matter what the culture around us says, thinks, practices or believes.


To this end, over the next several weeks, we are going to take a closer look at the 5 major biblical passages dealing with homosexuality and homosexual practice.


This immediately raises an argument from those in favor of removing the stigma of homosexual relationships: THE BIBLE HARDLY MENTIONS IT!


In a sense, this is true. Of the approximately 30,000 verses in the Bible, only a dozen or so deal explicitly with homosexuality.


On the other hand, the reason the Bible says comparatively little about homosexuality is because it was a comparatively uncontroversial sin among ancient Jews and Christians.


Quoting Kevin DeYoung:


“There is no evidence that ancient Judaism or early Christianity tolerated any expression of homosexual behavior, thus there was little reason for the biblical writers to make it a major topic. The Bible  talks about bestiality even less than it talks about homosexuality, but that doesn’t make bestiality an insignificant issue – or incest or child abuse or fifty other sins the Bible barely addresses. Counting up the number of verses on any particular topic is not the best way to determine the seriousness of the sin involved.”


With that said, the Bible is hardly silent or ambiguous concerning homosexual behavior; whenever mentioned, the Bible is unequivocal & emphatic in its disapproval.


Even Dan Via, a NT scholar who favors same-sex marriage, agrees that “the biblical texts that deal specifically with homosexual practice condemn it unconditionally.” What Via and other liberal scholars attempt to do then is make a case for overriding the biblical texts on the basis of other considerations.


It really comes down to what we believe about the Bible. Is the Bible truly the Word of God, and thus the supreme authority in our lives? Or, is it just an ancient book that may or may not be relevant to modern people?


Pastor Dan