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The Bible & Homosexuality – Part 6 of 6

posted Jun 26, 2015, 9:01 AM by First Baptist


In my previous articles, we looked at the 4 major Bible passages on the subject of homosexuality – 2 in the Old Testament and 2 in the New Testament.


We found that the Bible’s condemnation of homosexual behavior is consistent, absolute and emphatic. And yet, fewer & fewer Americans regard homosexual behavior as immoral or sinful. In addition, in the next few days, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to declare that homosexuals have a constitutional right to marry, thus changing the very definition of marriage.


Should we care?


Robert AJ Gagnon, a leading biblical scholar on the subject of homosexuality, lists 5 negative effects that affirming homosexuality will have on American society. These effects include:


First, societal affirmation will lead to an increase in the incidence of homosexuality and bisexuality, which in turn will lead to a larger number of people afflicted with the serious health problems and shortened life expectancy that accompanies homosexuality.


Second, societal affirmation will increase the incidence of pedophilic activity (molestation of children), or at least adult-adolescent same-sex activity.


Third, societal affirmation will lead to more sexual promiscuity across-the-board, resulting in less stable families.


Fourth, societal affirmation will lead to the annihilation of societal gender norms.


Fifth, societal affirmation will result in the public marginalization of all those who in good conscience regard homosexual intercourse as sin.




It should be noted that the above list comes from a book that Gagnon wrote in 2001. Thus, 14 years ago, he was predicting the transgender movement, as well as increased hostility toward Christians for holding to a biblical position on marriage & sexuality. He was certainly on-the-mark with those two predictions.


More Sexual Sin & Its Consequences


The first 3 effects require some explanation.


Gagnon goes into considerable detail on each item, but the basic point is this: Whenever a society de-stigmatizes a behavior, you get MORE of that behavior. You also get more people going BEYOND that behavior to the next level. In other words, the circle of “acceptable” behavior keeps widening.


What to Expect


I expect that, within the next several years, our church will come under some type of pressure on the issue of homosexuality. The solicitor general, who argued before the Supreme Court on behalf of the Obama Administration in favor of gay marriage, acknowledged to the Court that a decision to permit gay marriage will have far-reaching consequences, especially for religious people & institutions.


Sooner rather than later, we might be pressured to perform a homosexual marriage. We might be told that the public reading of certain verses of Scripture are a type of “hate speech.” Members of the Harlan community might refuse to be associated with a “bigoted” church. The government might threaten our tax exempt status because the biblical view on homosexuality is against “public policy.”


I already had another pastor in Harlan ask what our church will do when one of these things happens. My answer was: By God’s grace, we will not bow to the will of the culture, but instead will bow only to Christ.


Pastor Dan