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The Inspiration of the Bible

posted Oct 23, 2012, 10:46 AM by Unknown user

In last Sunday’s message, we were focusing on the nature of Scripture – that it is “God-breathed.


I actually prefer the word “God-breathed” as opposed to “inspired” because the latter is such a broad term that gets applied to such things as writing a song or painting a picture.


On Sunday, I also shared with you that there are 5 theories as to how exactly the Holy Spirit breathed upon the human writers of Scripture to make certain that what they wrote down was actually the Word of God.


Since our time was limited, I had to cut out a description of the 5 theories. For those interested, here they are:


Intuition Theory


The human writers merely had a high degree of spiritual insight; they were religious geniuses, in the same way that Steven Jobs is a computer genius. This is the preferred theory of many theological liberals.


Illumination Theory


The Holy Spirit provided no special communication of truth, nor guidance as to what was to be written, but merely bestowed on the human writers an increased sensitivity and perceptivity with regard to spiritual matters.


Dynamic Theory


The Holy Spirit directed the human writers to the thoughts or concepts they should have, but then allowed the writer’s own distinctive personality to come into play in the choice of words and expressions.


Verbal Theory


The influence of the Holy Spirit extends beyond the direction of thoughts to the selection of the words used to convey the message. The work of the Spirit was so intense that each word is the exact word which God wanted used.


Dictation Theory


The Holy Spirit actually dictated the Bible to the human writers.



As mentioned, the verbal theory has the strongest biblical support and is the consensus view of evangelical Christians.


Pastor Dan