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The Pumpkin Jar

posted May 31, 2016, 10:27 AM by First Baptist


The following was written by Terry Arentson, one of our at-large deacons and a member of the Vision Pathway Team. Our consultant, Bryan Rose, shared the pumpkin jar analogy during our first meeting together.

Pastor Dan


There once lived a vegetable grower who decided to see what would happen if he tried to grow a pumpkin inside a quart jar. When the pumpkin plant started to bloom, he put the bloom inside the jar. Early on, the quart jar was large enough that the pumpkin continued to grow, but after a while, it was stifled by the size and shape of the jar. When it came time to harvest the pumpkins, the pumpkin in the jar was of little value because it was small and still stuck inside the jar -- while the rest of the pumpkins in the patch had all prospered.


Do we as Christians sometimes put our walk with God into a quart jar? Do we use the quart jar to limit our time in prayer? Do we use the quart jar to limit our faith? Do we use the quart jar to limit our service? Do we use the quart jar to limit our discipleship? Do we use the quart jar to limit our giving?


My sense is that the answer to these questions for many of us would be yes.


What does God want?  His solution is very simple: Break the jar and discover that our limits to what we can do to fulfill the Great Commission are endless.


Please pray that as our Church works through the process of discerning God’s will for our future that we will not limit our vision to what we can hold in a jar, but that we truly believe tGod is a big God with big plans for His people. 


In service to Him & you,

Terry Arentson