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The Thanks We Get

posted Sep 18, 2012, 11:06 AM by Unknown user

I suspect we all feel outrage over what happened at our embassies in Egypt and Libya last week, and are appalled at the anti-American rallies taking place all around the globe.


The United States has liberated more people, and shed more blood on behalf of others, than any nation in the history of the world! Evidently, this is the thanks we get.


I believe radical Islam poses an existential threat to Christianity. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is soon illegal to “blaspheme” Islam or Mohammad. Of course, Christianity will continue to be fair game for criticism and all manner of insults.


Here is some important information about Islam:


§  Islam began in 610 AD, well after the start of Christianity. Supposedly, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammad over a period of 20 years, giving him a number of revelations that now comprise the Qur’an.


§  Mohammad immediately used military force to achieve his aims. Military conquest has been part of Islam’s DNA since its inception. (Compare that to Jesus’ ordering Peter to put away his sword.)


§  Islam is the fastest growing major religion in the world. The Muslim population is growing at twice the rate of the non-Muslim population.


§  Muslims consider the Qur’an the perfect and final revelation from God. In their view, the Bible is incomplete and corrupted.


§  Mohammad is regarded as the last and greatest prophet. Jesus too was a prophet, just not the last or greatest. Muslims deny Jesus’ deity, His death on the cross, His resurrection, as well as His claim to be savior.


§  Muslims believe in heaven & hell (similar to what Christians believe), but they believe where a person ends up is solely a function of their works. If your good works outweigh your bad ones, you go to heaven; if not, you go to hell.


§  Muslims believe in something called jihad, which literally means effort or striving. Many Muslims consider jihad an INNER striving – to bring one’s life in total submission to God. Other Muslims, however, regard jihad as an EXTERNAL striving – to advance Islam to the point of world domination.


It appears we no longer have the luxury of a half-hearted devotion to Christ. The times no longer allow it. I expect that in coming decades, the Church in America will be smaller, but stronger.


With appreciation,


Pastor Dan