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This is Chilling

posted Sep 19, 2017, 10:22 AM by First Baptist


Officials in Iceland, a small yet prosperous country in Europe, is boasting of the near elimination of Down Syndrome from its population.


How did they do that? Did they find a cure that we somehow missed hearing about?


No, Iceland isn’t eliminating Down Syndrome from their population, they’re eliminating Down Syndrome PEOPLE from their population!


You see, Iceland has gotten to the point where nearly 100% of expectant mothers who are carrying a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome are “choosing” to have an abortion. I put the word “choosing” in quotation marks because many women report being coerced into terminating their pregnancy.


Other Countries


Iceland isn’t the only country working to eliminate Down Syndrome via abortion. In Europe as a whole, 92% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. In the United States, it is somewhere between 67-90%.


Recently, in France, a pro-life group produced television commercials featuring persons with Down Syndrome talking about their happy & productive lives. What did the government do? It banned the showing of these commercials.


Human Life is Sacred


As we were reminded Sunday from Genesis 1, human life is sacred. The reason human life is sacred is because we are made in the image of God, including those born with Down Syndrome or any other abnormality.


In Genesis 9, God prohibits killing another human being ON THE BASIS THAT HUMANS ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.


I guess we are at the point in Western culture where humanity is taking upon itself the authority to decide who is fit to live. That’s a scary proposition and harkens back to Nazism.


A Slippery Slope


This manner of “dealing” with the problem of Down Syndrome puts us on a very slippery slope. This is because, eventually, we will have pre-natal tests to determine all kinds of abnormalities or conditions. Does this mean we’ll start aborting babies projected to have a lower IQ? What about those projected to be obese or diabetic?


As Christians, we must advocate for the dignity of ALL human life – from conception to natural death. We must also, when given the opportunity, offer our loving support to couples raising a handicapped child. Oh wait . . . God has already given us that opportunity!



Pastor Dan