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Top Military Officers Say It’s Time for Women to Register for the Draft

posted Feb 9, 2016, 10:24 AM by First Baptist



On February 2nd, the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Commandant of the Marine Corps told Congress that it’s time for women to register for the draft and legislation has since been introduced requiring that.


The mainstream media immediately embraced the idea. In addition, three Republican presidential candidates, when asked about it during their debate last Saturday, expressed approval (Bush, Rubio & Christie). Only Ted Cruz has gone on record against the proposal, calling the idea “nuts.”


Registering young women for the draft is an inevitable consequence of the Pentagon’s recent decision to make female service members eligible for combat roles. This was despite the fact that an extensive study by the Marine Corps found that mixed gender ground-combat units performed much worse in training than did corresponding all-male units.


At least the Army & Marine chiefs are being intellectually honest. Their argument is that “with equality of opportunity comes equality of obligation.” For everyone else, however, this smacks of political correctness run amok.


How ironic that the people most in support of this change are also the ones clamoring for “safe zones” on college campuses to protect young adults from having their feelings hurt.


A Biblical Principle?


This is not just the rant of a concerned father; there’s actually a biblical principle at stake.


The biblical principle is that men & women are equal in dignity & value (both made in the image of God), but have different roles and responsibilities in the home, church and, to a certain extent, society. This is known as the biblical principle of complementarity, which is seen in the earliest pages of the Bible.*


The secular worldview rejects complementarity and denies any meaningful difference between men and women. Once this mindset takes hold, there is no logical reason to exempt women from the draft or from combat roles.


What about men’s predisposition to protect women? For example, during the recent shooting in San Bernardino, a 45-year-old gentleman wrapped his arms around a female co-worker and said “I got you” as the bullets were flying, saving the woman, but not himself.


I guess men will need to be re-conditioned not to think this way.


Pastor Dan


*The principle of complementarity began to be challenged in the 19th century concurrent with the rise of feminism. For a fuller explanation of the two major schools of thought from a biblical perspective, email me and I’ll send you a paper I wrote on the subject.