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We Cannot Be Silent – Part 1

posted Aug 2, 2016, 10:05 AM by First Baptist

One of the books I read on vacation was “We Cannot Be Silent” by Dr. Albert Mohler. It’s a book about the sexual/moral revolution taking place in America.


I was interested in this book for two reasons. First, I’ve been amazed at how quickly the US population has embraced homosexual marriage.


A mere 10-15 years ago, states were voting (overwhelmingly) to restrict marriage to one man-one woman. Even California supported traditional marriage. Today, homosexual marriage is widely accepted.


What happened? And what accounts for the quick turn-around? Normally, people don’t change a moral stand easily.


Second, I recently told you in sermon about the woman who came into my office and threatened to “spread around town” the fact that our church considers homosexual behavior to be sinful. (Actually, it’s God who says that, but that’s another topic.)


The threat was a reminder to me that the sexual/moral revolution will likely be a primary source of tension (if not open conflict) between the Christian church and the culture. If so, what does that mean for a church like ours that wants to be faithful to the Scriptures?


In his book, Dr. Mohler describes the history of the sexual/moral revolution in America. He also describes where he thinks it’s going. Finally, he offers advice on how the Church can speak the truth in love to a confused & increasingly decadent culture.


Over the next several articles, I want to share with you from this important book.  Let me begin with a few quotes from the opening pages.


We are living in the midst of a revolution. The Christian church in the West now faces a set of challenges that exceeds anything it has experienced in the past. This is a revolution of ideas – one that is transforming the entire moral structure of meaning and life that human beings have recognized for millennia.


This revolution did not start with same-sex marriage and it will not end there.


Every Christian church – and every Christian – will face huge decisions in the wake of this moral storm.


The Christian church has long been understood by the culture at large to be the guardian of what is right and righteous. But now the situation is fundamentally reversed. The culture generally identifies Christians as on the wrong side of morality. Those who hold to biblical teachings concerning human sexuality are now deposed from the position of high moral ground.


The moral revolution is now so complete that those who will not join it are understood to be deficient, intolerant, and harmful to society.



Next week: How we got to where we are today.



Pastor Dan