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We Cannot Be Silent – Part 2

posted Aug 9, 2016, 10:03 AM by First Baptist


In this series of articles, I am reviewing the book “We Cannot Be Silent” by Dr. Albert Mohler. This is a book about the moral/sexual revolution that is taking place in America and its implications for Christians and the church.


It Didn’t Start with Same-Sex Marriage


Opposition to the Christian understanding of sex & marriage did not begin with the Supreme Court’s approval of same-sex marriage last summer. Instead, the redefinition of marriage is the logical outcome of three significant developments in the previous century.


1.   The widespread availability of birth control and contraception. This separated sex from procreation and, as a result, sex became redefined as an activity.

2.   The enactment of no-fault divorce. Marriage thus came to be perceived as a mere contractual relationship as opposed to a covenantal one.

3.   The rapid acceptance & practice of cohabitation. The high incidence of cohabitation is unprecedented in human history.


And so, the weakening and redefinition of marriage actually started with heterosexuals. Moreover, the Christian church largely acquiesced in the face of all three developments (the exception being the Roman Catholic church with regard to #1).


How the Homosexual Lobby Did It


As recent as 2004, no fewer than 11 states held referendums to ban gay marriage. The bans passed overwhelmingly. Today, however, a solid majority of Americans support the legalization of same-sex marriage and indicate they “make no negative moral judgment” concerning same-sex relationships or behaviors.


Wow . . . that’s quite a turn-around in only 12 years. What happened?


The reality is that a relatively small group of activists had a strategy – and it worked to perfection. The strategy was laid out in the book “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear & Hatred of Gays in the 90’s” by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen.


The strategy had the following components:


§  Take advantage of the AIDS crisis and portray gays as victims.

§  Reach out to liberal churches & enlist them as allies.

§  Make gays look good on TV and in the movies. Get celebrities to speak out.

§  Make the case that gays are born gay.

§  Pressure the American Psychiatric Association to reverse its judgment of homosexuality as a form of mental illness.

§  De-criminalize homosexual behavior. Until 2003, sodomy was against the law in most states.


Again, the strategy worked and it’s now being used in service of the transgender movement. We’ll consider this latest phase of the revolution in next weeks’ article.


Pastor Dan