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We Cannot Be Silent – Part 4 of 4

posted Aug 23, 2016, 10:23 AM by First Baptist


For the past month, I’ve been reviewing the book “We Cannot Be Silent” by Dr. Albert Mohler. It concerns the moral/sexual revolution in America since the 1960s.


Religious Liberty


The second to the last chapter in the book is about religious liberty. Dr. Mohler writes: “Moral revolutions require legal revolutions. A revolution is only complete when the legal structure aligns itself with a new moral understanding.”


This is exactly what is taking place.


Dr. Mohler argues that Christians should expect to have their religious liberties sharply curtailed in the years ahead. It’s ironic:


“[E]rotic liberty is the freedom most cherished by the culture and most respected by the courts in the context of the secular age. A liberty that did not even exist when the Constitution was written, even in the imagination of the founders, now supersedes protections that are explicit in the Constitution.”


Significantly, the Obama administration has stopped referring to “freedom of religion” and instead will only acknowledge a “freedom of worship.” Mohler writes:


“Though these two phrases may appear to be very similar, freedom of worship is a severe and deadly reduction of freedom of religion. Religious freedom is not limited to what takes place within the confines of a church building and its worship. Freedom of worship marginalizes and ghettoizes Christian speech so that its liberties only exist within the confines of a church facility.”


The Compassion of Truth


In the final chapter, Dr. Mohler addresses how the Christian church should respond to the moral/sexual revolution. In my opinion, this is the weakest part of the book in that he offers little advice on what to do. Instead, I think his primary purpose is to prepare Christians for what is almost certain to occur. He writes:


“We must recognize that as the sexual revolution gains more and more traction in the court of public opinion, the church will continue to be displaced in the larger culture.”


For myself, I have determined not to be silent, but rather to be a witness of Christ in whatever way I can. This Sunday, I’ll be preaching from Revelation 11. This chapter has some powerful things to say to a church in exile.


Pastor Dan