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What Pastors Wish Their Church Members Knew - Part 3

posted Jul 24, 2012, 1:05 PM by Unknown user

For the past two weeks, I’ve been writing about the crisis that exists among the clergy in America. Among the startling statistics is that 70% of clergy regularly want to quit and 75% will experience a mental health breakdown sometime in their pastoral career.

Last week, I had coffee with a brand new pastor in a neighboring community. He’s fresh out of seminary. Unfortunately, the probability (80%) is that he will exit the ministry entirely within 5 years.

 Now, I’d like to turn things around and share with you some feedback I’ve receive concerning WHAT CHURCH MEMBERS WISH THEIR PASTOR KNEW. The author Denise George did some research on this and has compiled a list of 14 key things that church members wish their pastor knew. I’ll highlight 6 of them.

 Pastor, Help Me Understand the Bible

 The Bible is a confusing book to many church members and they look to their pastor to help them understand and apply it. They want his sermons to have depth to them, as well as relevance to their everyday lives.

 Pastor, There Are Issues in My Family and I’m Concerned About My Children

 Church members want their pastors to know that, while their family may look perfect on Sunday mornings, it’s not. Thus, it’s important for the pastor (and church) to talk openly about family issues and provide the tools and teaching necessary to address them.

 Pastor, I Want to Serve, But in a Meaningful Way

 Church members want to serve in the church, but need to know how their service contributes to the church’s overall mission. They also want to serve in roles that match their abilities and interests.

 Pastor, I'm Starving for Christian Friends & Fellowship

Many church members lack genuine Christian fellowship and want their pastor to help them develop relationships that will spur them on to spiritual growth.

 Pastor, I Need Biblical Counsel at Key Points in My Life

Church members want their pastor to be available to counsel them during certain critical times in their lives.

 Pastor, I Need to Know You’ll Stick Around

Church members want their pastor to persevere through hard times and stick with them. They also want to know that their pastor isn’t simply trying to move up to a bigger, better church.

 These are great things for me to hear and I certainly take them to heart.

 Pastor Dan