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Why Did He Do It?

posted Jul 30, 2013, 10:23 AM by First Baptist

The latest story to captivate the media involves former Representative Anthony Weiner.


Mr. Weiner resigned from Congress in June, 2011 due to a sexting scandal. He is presently running for Mayor of New York City.


Mr. Weiner was actually leading in the polls until it was revealed that he continued sexting young women AFTER his resignation and DESPITE public assurances that he had stopped.


An article in today’s New York Times asks the question: Why Did He Do It?


The article says that Mr. Weiner’s behavior is “intriguing to mental health professionals.” Three possible explanations are offered:


“an addiction with neurological roots”


“could be meeting [certain] needs unsatisfied in marriage”


“might be driven by a combination of a mood disorder

and feelings of inadequacy to seek reassurance about his masculinity”


This is just like the media to seek answers to profound questions while ignoring spiritual realities.


The Bible tells us that all human beings are sinful. This means that we possess “an inherent inner disposition inclining us to wrong acts and thoughts.”


Sin has consequences for the person who commits it. These effects are varied and complex, but typically include the following:


1.      Enslavement. One of the effects of sin is its enslaving power. Sin becomes a habit or even an addiction. One sin leads to another.

2.      Denial of Sin. Another of the effects of sin is to deny its existence. Instead, we consider our bad acts a matter of sickness, deprivation, ignorance or social maladjustment.

3.      Insensitivity. Sin also produces insensitivity. As we continue to sin and to reject God’s warnings and condemnations, we become less and less responsive to the promptings of conscience.

4.      Self-Centeredness. An increasing self-centeredness also results from sin. In many ways, sin is a turning in upon oneself which is confirmed with practice.

5.      Restlessness. Sin often produces restlessness. There is a certain insatiable character about sin. Complete satisfaction never occurs.


It’s easy to see all of these things present or at work in Mr. Weiner’s situation. But, can’t we also see them present or at work in our own lives?


Sin is real, powerful and highly destructive. That being the case, it requires a radical solution. That radical solution is a Person -- Jesus Christ.



Pastor Dan